The Maimers

Bellweather REDO author sendTHE MAIMERS

Black-clad forest thieves who steal everything from their victims, including the most precious parts of the victims’ bodies.


Read more about BELL WEATHER: A Novel (Henry Holt & Co., 2015).


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“Tom Scarlett”

I played a lot of 18th-century music throughout the writing of BELL WEATHER. Today’s selection is a traditional song called “Tom Scarlett”.


english country dances

Note: Beats Music membership required; they offer a free two-week trial.

Learn more about BELL WEATHER: A Novel (Henry Holt & Co., 2015)


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Bellweather REDO author sendFLORIA

A continent discovered and settled by Heraldic countries, now primarily ruled by Bruntland; the colonies are largely independent, however, and indigenous tribes remain.

Read more about BELL WEATHER: A Novel (Henry Holt & Co., 2015).


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BELL WEATHER in Library Journal

Here’s a little prepub preview of BELL WEATHER from LJ:

Bellweather REDO author sendMahoney’s first novel, Fellow Mortals, received high praise, so it’s worth watching this follow-up, a somewhat mystical departure. In a remote settlement called Root, somewhere in colonial Floria, Tom Orange rescues a young woman from the raging Antler River and soon falls in love. At first she has no memory of what happened to her, but painful truths start flooding back, even as a wicked band of masked thieves called the Maimers darken the surrounding forest. Hovering over the narrative is the question whether Tom and Molly, as we finally learn she’s named, can stay together.

Read more about BELL WEATHER.

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Molly Bell

Bellweather REDO author sendMOLLY BELL

A vivacious young woman who appears, without explanation, floating down the river in the remote town of Root. She is as gregarious as she is secretive about her past in the mother country of Bruntland. The only thing surer than her talent for disaster is her lightning-proof, powder-charged talent for escape.

Read more about BELL WEATHER: A Novel (Henry Holt & Co., 2015).


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Flowers of the Sky

From The Public Domain Review comes “depictions spanning almost a whole millennium – in chronological order – of comets, meteors, meteorites and shooting stars.”

See the amazing full set here.


V0024753 Astronomy: a meteor shower in the night sky. Mezzotint.


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House of Stairs

stairsI read a handful of William Sleator’s YA novels when I was a kid and they left a mark, so when we bought a few for our son this year, I decided to re-read one of two myself. HOUSE OF STAIRS is such a potent little book, like LORD OF THE FLIES with mixed gender teens and, instead of an island, a vast prison of stairs that’s been devised (no real spoiler here) by an unseen, controlling power.

The characters are types ranging from the cocky handsome boy to the greedy rich girl, but there’s surprising depth and insight, and Sleator twists the group into fascinating tensions and disputes as they do whatever they can to earn the only prize available: bit of food released by a small, blinking machine. As a child, I completely missed that one of the characters was secretly gay (it’s obvious now), and his psychological evolution is moving and effective, especially given how short the book is.

The group’s shifting dynamic is the real main character, though, and it’s great stuff. A final chapter reveals What It All Meant, which is fine because it’s a book aimed at teens who might not yet have studied the psychological principles at play, and because the explanation isn’t needlessly dumbed down. I’m eager to see what our son takes away from it.

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I Miss the Red Squirrel

I miss the red squirrel, Fireball, who used to wreak havoc in our yard and chase the big gray squirrels away from the seed pile. Check out his marvelous leap-attack at the end of this video:


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