Monthly Archives: July 2011

Final Pumpkin Selection

Putting on weight. I culled the other pumpkin on the plant because it was too wheel-shaped and was awkwardly positioned on a side vine. So this one here is the final choice and it’s starting to pick up steam.

Joss Whedon: Macho

Joss Whedon on not being macho enough to direct The Avengers:

I happen to be very macho, so if you see me in a bar and you don’t think I’m macho, don’t talk to me. You walk away unless you want a cosmo all down your shirt. ‘Cause I will. I will pour it.

Dough of the Dead

My mother’s pizza dough bore a striking resemblance to The Book of the Dead from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series, as well as to Blake’s “Red Dragon”.

Lounge Squirrel

On his belly, on the chair. For a while he was eating helicopter seeds.


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