That was fun. Surprisingly few complications along the way. Makes that old blue countertop look extra crapola!

(I’ll deal with you eventually, old blue crapola-top.)




Tearing up the Kitchen Floor

Band-Aid Linoleum

I ripped up two layers of linoleum and plywood from our kitchen floor to reveal the original hardwood, which I’m planning to refinish. Under the current white linoleum was a sheet of plywood, and then a horrific band-aid colored linoleum on top of more plywood.

The topmost layer of plywood was stapled down. I tapped a nail set under each slightly raised staple in order to raise it more, then pliered them up. Every staple took a serious yank. There were about 400 of them. In spite of leather gloves, I had half-a-dozen blisters.

Filthy Hardwood

The second layer of plywood was secured with nails…spiral nails, in fact, which grab the floor like gangbusters. When I crowbarred that second layer of plywood up, all of those nails were conveniently 1/4″ above the hardwood, ready to pull. But no. I hammered a bunch of them all the way in before realizing that a power sander, which’ll sand some of the floor right off, will start to catch upon those driven nails and rip the paper. There were about two dozen of these devils driven flush and I didn’t know what to do, until I checked Home Depot and sure enough, there’s a tool for just such an occasion. I’m pleased to say that all of the nails are out and I’m ready to sand.

My Friend, the Nail Pull

The drum sander I rented must weigh 150 pounds. I could barely get it into the car, and then I had to carry it up three sets of outdoor steps into our house. Perilous business. But I am thankfully uninjured and the sander’s in the dining room, ready for action tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned. I’m bound to do something stupid once I have it running.