Life Beyond Writing Q&A: Zoe Fishman

Twenty questions for authors, none about writing. Some questions are not in the form of a question. (Previous Q&As may be found HERE.)

This week we have ZOE FISHMAN, author of Saving Ruth and Balancing Acts. (See below for purchase links.)

Zoe Fishman
Photo Credit: Lauren Steel

1. Rename yourself.

ZF: Alexis Arbon

2. Satan hoofs up and says two words to you. What are they?

ZF: Nice jeans

3. Give us an A+ summer song.

ZF: “Cruel Summer” by Bananarama [Youtube]

4. What is the worst injury you’ve ever sustained?

ZF: Broke the pinky and ring finger of my right hand on a margarita-fueled walk home in Brooklyn

5. Form a supergroup using any four musicians, living or dead, that would be thoroughly awesome to experience, for better or worse.

ZF: Stevie Knicks, Lauryn Hill, Robyn and Sia

6. What was your best Halloween costume?

ZF: Raggedy Ann, age 6ish. There was a yarn wig involved.

7. Tell us something you built.

ZF: The Ikea desk upon which I am currently typing. A huge coup for me, as I have the mechanical skills of…well, someone who has no mechanical skills.

Zoe Fishman Saving Ruth8. If you could safely have one non-domesticated animal as a lifelong companion, what would it be? (Fantasy creatures are allowed.)

ZF: An Ewok, obviously.

9. What do you like to grow?

ZF: Hair

10. Name a thing you love that nobody else you personally know also loves.

ZF: Banana peppers

11. How would you like those eggs?

ZF: Poached

12. What’s the worst thing about your favorite holiday?

ZF: A food coma

13. You’ve just been turned into a lousy superhero. Who are you, and who is your nemesis?

ZF: Super Writer and my nemesis is Super Internet

14. Name a thought that has profoundly scared you in the night.

ZF: Oh shit, where is my passport?

Zoe Fishman Balancing Acts15. You’re stinking rich. What’s the first thing you add to your home?

ZF: A palatial bathroom with a state of the art shower just for me

16. What are you up to this weekend?

ZF: Hanging out with my husband and five month old son

17. Which color makes you feel the most comfortable? The most anxious?

ZF: Navy for comfort and white for anxiety. It’s a stain canvas.

18. What is the strangest job you ever had?

ZF: Exercising an overweight child

19. I mean honestly: aren’t you better off living without ___?

ZF: Gossip sites

20. James Cameron discovers something new at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. What do you hope it is?

ZF: My passport

Zoe Fishman: Saving Ruth is Zoe Fishman’s second novel and was published in May 2012. Her first, Balancing Acts, was published by Harper Collins in March 2010. Zoe grew up in Alabama and went onto Boston for college before moving to New York, where she worked in book publishing in foreign rights and as an agent for thirteen years. In August 2011, she moved to Atlanta, where she is currently working on her third novel and enjoying getting to know her infant son.

Web site: Official Author Site

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