How to Make a Dog Throw Up

BonesIn a split-second this morning, our dog Bones smelled our son’s antihistamine on the dining room table and thought, “Hm, grapey treat.” He managed to lift the tiny plastic cup off the table without a spill. I strolled out and there he was, having knocked the medicine over and begun to lick the strange, sugary liquid off the carpet. After some frantic no-no-no! style hullabaloo he backed away, looking throughly embarrassed, and our son started crying because he thought Bones was poisoned. My wife calmed him (our son) down and I called the emergency vet.

Bones had consumed maybe a third of the 1-tablespoon dose. This is children’s medicine that is sometimes given to dogs his size for allergy-control, but we had to play it safe. The vet recommended hydrogen peroxide, which surprised me. It’s apparently a common recommendation, one I didn’t know because we’ve never had a dog before. We were instructed to pour three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide into his mouth and walk him briskly on a leash. After getting most of the hydrogen peroxide into his stomach, we jogged around the yard. He looked, well… like someone who’d just been force-fed a big mouthful of hydrogen peroxide. And in less than sixty seconds, the treatment worked its magic.

He vomited. And vomited. And vomited and vomited. A threw up the first half of breakfast, then the second half of breakfast, then a little more, and a little more, and a little more, and then he decided to poop, and then he threw up a little more. Ten minutes later, he was 100% emptied out and trotting around in very high spirits, though still with an expression like, “What was that all about?”

We’re waiting an hour before we give him a replacement breakfast.

Moral of the story: small cups of medicine are not to be left for even the briefest amount of time, and hydrogen peroxide is one heck of an emetic.

2 thoughts on “How to Make a Dog Throw Up

  1. Oh yes, dogs will eat and drink just about anything.Young ones like Bones are very quick, and will demonstrate physical abilities you wouldn’t think they were capable of. We had a cocker spaniel, Skipper, who ate 2lbs of ground beef my Mom was thawing out on her kitchen counter; the same dog ate a whole raw steak, and also took a bite out of my grandfather’s birthday cake. My Mom cut off the area where the dog ate, and filled it in with frosting.

    Hydrogen Peroxide, that is new to me… I’ll have to tell my sister, she has a beagle who is very inquisitive…

    1. Yeah, the hydrogen peroxide worked like gangbusters. It’s been a few hours, he’s eaten his replacement breakfast, and he looks good.

      “My Mom cut off the area where the dog ate, and filled it in with frosting.”

      Haha, awesome. Robert’s Mom: “No, it’s supposed to look like Pac Man. Who wants the first slice?”

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