Secret Horror!

Yes, yes, The Exorcist and Night of the Living Dead are reliably traumatizing, but at this point they’re comfort food, and there’s plenty more to discover in the world of horror cinema.

Here are five great horror movies you probably haven’t seen: my new article at The Morning News, just in time for Halloween.

Please check it out: SECRET HORROR at The Morning News

Life Beyond Writing Q&A: Nathan Kotecki

Twenty questions for authors, none about writing. Some questions are not in the form of a question. (Previous Q&As may be found HERE.)

This week we have NATHAN KOTECKI, author of the YA novel The Suburban Strange, released today. (See below for purchase links.)

1. Rename yourself.

NK: Daniel Craig

2. Satan hoofs up and says two words to you. What are they?

NK: “Read Goethe?”

3. Give us an A+ summer song.

NK: “She Sells Sanctuary” by the Cult. There is no better soundtrack for cruising down the highway with the sunroof open.” [Youtube]

4. What is the worst injury you’ve ever sustained?

NK: I’ve been quite fortunate in the physical injury department, so in all honesty, I’d have to say a broken heart – worst pain and longest recovery time.

5. Form a supergroup using any four musicians, living or dead, that would be thoroughly awesome to experience, for better or worse.

NK: Elizabeth Fraser, Hauschka (Volker Bertelmann), Brendan Perry (but he doesn’t get to sing), and Brian Eno

6. What was your best Halloween costume?

NK: I was R2D2 at some point in the early eighties. A big cardboard box and a reprehensible amount of aluminum foil.

7. Tell us something you built.

NK: A couple half-hearted forts. A wall of silence. A house of cards.

8. If you could safely have one non-domesticated animal as a lifelong companion, what would it be? (Fantasy creatures are allowed.)

NK: I’m so allergic… Panther, maybe? One of the big cats.

9. What do you like to grow?

NK: Nephews. I just got my second one, yay!

10. Name a thing you love that nobody else you personally know also loves.

NK: “L’Année Derniére à Marienbad” by Alain Resnais.

11. How would you like those eggs?

NK: The best egg dish I’ve ever had was an appetizer at Blue Hill in NYC – a farm fresh egg served easy with periwinkles. Amazing. But everything I’ve ever eaten at that restaurant has been amazing.

12. What’s the worst thing about your favorite holiday?

NK: That it (Thanksgiving) is never going to be the way it was when I was a child/teenager. The mix of people, a pair of houses in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, the food, the leisure, the unassuming joy – over ten or more years I accumulated a Platonic ideal of Thanksgiving by enjoying it in real life. But then the people dispersed, the places are now inhabited by strangers…

13. You’ve just been turned into a lousy superhero. Who are you, and who is your nemesis?

NK: I am the Hipster. I arbitrarily decide I like things, commonly because everyone else thinks those things are gauche, and then I rescue them from obscurity and deliver them to Urban Outfitters. My nemesis is Anna Wintour.

14. Name a thought that has profoundly scared you in the night.

NK: I won’t figure out my purpose before it’s too late. Or I’ll never figure it out at all.

15. You’re stinking rich. What’s the first thing you add to your home?

NK: A Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe

16. What are you up to this weekend?

NK: Slaving away at a grant proposal (day job). Writing something amazing. (Hah!) Loving the nephews.

17. Which color makes you feel the most comfortable? The most anxious?

NK: There’s a happy place between grey and indigo that really does it for me. Worst is neon orange.

18. What is the strangest job you ever had?

NK: I worked for a concert promoter one summer back in college, and they threw a kids festival. I helped other college kids get into these massive cartoon character outfits, drove them out to the festival grounds in a golf cart, picked them up after they’d been at it for a while, and then tried to revive them from heat exhaustion before they had to put the outfit back on and go out again.

19. I mean honestly: aren’t you better off living without ___?

NK: Fear

20. James Cameron discovers something new at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. What do you hope it is?

NK: Since “his death” has already been taken, I’ll change it up: A deep and enduring sense of remorse.

Nathan Kotecki has a degree in architecture, has DJ’d at the largest goth club in New York City, and has shown mixed-media artworks in a gallery in Chelsea. (Two and a half of those things are true.) Nathan lives in North Carolina.

Previous Q&As may be found HERE.

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