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Here’s the gorgeous cover for my novel BELL WEATHER, coming July 7, 2015 from Henry Holt.

Bell Weather


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Diogenes Sitting in His Tub

Diogenes sitting in his tub. Painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme(1860).


Copyedits, Plots & Sequels

editsI spent the week copyediting BELL WEATHER and I’m almost done. Once I mail the manuscript back on Monday, I’ll begin plotting the sequel.

BW is the first novel I ever carefully plotted. I did something called The Scheherazade Experiment and the process worked beautifully for me. The story felt more organic than one without a plot; why not take more chances, and follow more instincts and blind alleys, when it’s only a mess of notes? When I began the actual writing, I was able to focus on the language and storytelling techniques more than on the plot.

But the plotting phase is intensive. I’ll be working out a high-level outline, a brief summary of each chapter, and then a detailed description of each chapter — so detailed that the notes are virtually a first draft. It’ll take all fall, maybe longer.

Other news: Holt commissioned my dear friend Melissa to draw the two maps that will be included with the book, and she’s doing marvelous work. I also signed off on the final cover design. It’s gorgeous. I’m not allowed to share it until November, but here’s a 50×50-pixel sample:




Mercyful (Sic) Fate

King Diamond‘s metal falsetto always makes me laugh with childlike delight.

Bones & Flies

Bones will catch a fly and wound it, then sit beside the living, broken-winged fly as if they’re friends. Despite the initial crippling, it’s all weirdly sweet.



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