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Pumpkin Sun

Happy Halloween from NASA.


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He tried and tried to climb my parents’ wall, but the siding was just too slippery for mantis feet. I suggested The Serenity Prayer and oh, he gave me such a look.


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And His Heart Tumbled Like Kittens

My son and I get a kick out of the Black Metal show on local college radio. For songs with incomprehensible lyrics,┬ámy son’ll laugh and ask, “Hey Dad, what’s he singing there?” And I’ll tell him something like, “Oh, it’s a song about his first big crush. He’s singing that he mailed his special someone a gift — it was a pink sweater with purple sequins — and she was so delighted that she texted him lots of kissy-kiss emoji, and his heart tumbled like kittens.”


The first of my IRON MAIDEN black vinyl reissues arrived today. Amazon screwed the pooch on my order, sadly, with one part unexplainably shipping late and another part, the “Killers” LP, arriving melted. It looks like someone left it on a hot plate. I suppose it might have been hell fire. A prompt replacement has been requested.

“The Number of the Beast” LP made it safely, thank God.


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Bones & Bones

We bought a skeleton. I had so many Walgreens reward points, the price was 50% off, which is like getting 103 bones for free.

Here’s our dog Bones, not entirely sure the skeleton is trustworthy.


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New Antler

Bones is napping with his new kiln-dried antler.



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