Maiden Returns

Who knows if it’ll be any good, but I’m looking forward to the first-ever double studio LP from Iron Maiden this September.

Three vinyl discs. Terrific Eddie cover. The closing song is eighteen minutes long. And with a world tour in 2016, my son and I will get to see them live, which is really what parenting is all about.

BELL WEATHER in the Columbus Dispatch

BELL WEATHER is a Columbus Dispatch top-shelf recommendation. Thanks, Ohio!


bwWhen Tom Orange rescues a mysterious young woman from the flooded Antler River, he senses that their fates will deeply intertwine.

At first, she claims to remember nothing, and rumor animates Root—an isolated settlement in the strange wilderness of colonial Floria. Benjamin Knox, the town doctor, attends to her recovery and learns her name is Molly. As the town inspects its spirited new inhabitant, she encounters a world teeming with wonders and oddities. She also hears of the Maimers, masked thieves who terrorize the surrounding woods.

As dark forces encircle the town, the truth of Molly’s past spills into the present: a desperate voyage; a genius brother; a tragedy she hasn’t fully escaped. Molly and Tom must then decide between surviving apart or risking everything together. Dennis Mahoney’s Bell Weather is an otherworldly and kinetic story that blends history and fantasy, mystery and adventure to mesmerizing effect.

BELL WEATHER in The Boston Globe

bwMy novel BELL WEATHER is The Boston Globe’s Pick of the Week.

ARTICLE HERE (scroll to the end)

“Set in a fantastical 18th-century world where rain falls up and storms wash the land with bright hues, this is the story of Molly, a spirited young woman fighting for the freedom to choose her own path. Readers learn about her childhood with an overbearing governess, a cold father, and a brilliant, cunning brother who will stop at nothing to ensure that he and Molly are together and unbridled.”

I Dislike Greens So I Drink Them

5I don’t eat enough vegetables. I know leafy greens are an acquired taste, like thousand-year-old eggs, but I’m forty and don’t have time to waste eating kale to extend my life.

My preferred method of green-eating is Popeye-style: blasting a bunch of spinach into my gut as quickly as possible.

Whole Foods, that damned hippie market with really good groceries, has a beverage called Drink Your Greens. It’s pretty all-right and I can drink it real fast. This weekend, I watched the smoothie lady make one and typed down the Secret Recipe. Today, I made one at home. The resulting drink was much cheaper and surprisingly tolerable.


  1. Half an apple
  2. A slice of lemon
  3. A very small slice of ginger
  4. A handful of spinach
  5. A cup of almond milk

Which sounds like it ought to be awful for a Not Fan of Greens. But really, it’s AOK. I just take that stuff and blend it together, lemon peel and all, and the anchor tattoo on my forearm swells right up. It’s quick to make and totals fewer than 200 calories. Photos below: