Fictional Words in BELL WEATHER

The copyeditor of my next novel, BELL WEATHER, listed all of the book’s proper nouns and invented words as a reference guide for future proofreading. Here’s one-tenth of them:

  • Aquarians
  • beesmyrrh
  • Bell, Molly
  • bird crabs
  • bloodpox
  • Bread Riot Massacre
  • candlefruit
  • craven (bird)
  • deadfall (season)
  • Dick’s Fortune
  • Elkinaki (tribe)
  • ember gourds
  • hoarfur
  • hummingbats
  • knotgut
  • Lumen Night
  • lunarite
  • Maimers, the
  • merryweather tea
  • mourningfish
  • nyx
  • Orange, Tom
  • Pike’s Salty Herring
  • quicksummer
  • Scabbard Island
  • shadowplants
  • smoakwood
  • song bees
  • St. Verna’s Fire
  • suicide weeds
  • upfall
  • waterbreath
  • winterbear
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Dr. Feelgood, Tex-Mex Style

The Mavericks’ Tex-Mex cover of Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood” is fantastic. It’s like the ultimate Walter White theme song that Breaking Bad never got to use.

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Jack & Dad Summer: Day 23 — RC Truck

After a second day of extensive basement cleaning, Shop-vaccing, and prepping a big rubbish pile for 1-800-Got-Junk to haul away, Jack and I set up a table ramp in the yard. We also played guitar.


Jack & Dad Summer: Day 19 — TroyBot!

We got to paint small portions of a new TroyBot mural in downtown Troy, NY. The photos below show progress on one-fifth of the full-length mural. I got to paint some of the clouds. Jack painted some of the Hudson River.

TroyBot shirts and prints available at Troy Cloth & Paper.




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Jack & Dad Summer: Day 18 — Cat-Littering Paint

When we moved into our house eight years ago, the previous owners left behind lots of old paint. The cans have started to rust through and I’ve got to get rid of this stuff. I mixed about 12 gallons of random paints into big plastic buckets and now we have a ton of this weird, Silly Putty-colored paint; I might add some color to make it gray and use it on the basement walls. But the rest of the paint is lousy, and no one seems to recycle the stuff around here.

To safely dispose of latex paint in the garbage, it’s got to be dried. You can pour it out on newspapers a bit at a time, but we went with the cat litter method. A few scoops of litter mixed into a quarter-gallon of paint clumps it all right up. It’ll be rock solid in a day or two. Jack and I got through quite a lot of cans this afternoon. It was strangely fun.


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