IMG_0537Hi, all. Remember that radio show I recently prerecorded? Well here it comes.

I’m hosting an hour of songs related to FELLOW MORTALS tonight (2/4) at 11pm EST, with a replay this Saturday (2/9) at 8am EST. I’ll talk between songs and sound professionally stilted. The show will be streamed live here:


FSG’s Book Keeping has posted a descriptive playlist I wrote to accompany the show. You can read that here:

FELLOW MORTALS Playlist, with Notes


Our great local bookstore, Market Block Books in Troy, NY, is hosting the FELLOW MORTALS release party this Thursday (Feb 7) at 7pm. I’ll be there signing copies. There will be coffee. man-drinking-coffee copyIf you live around Troy, I hope you can make it. If you don’t live around Troy, this is one more reason to lament living elsewhere.

Note: You can, in fact, purchase e-books at local indie stores. If you do so, I will be happy to gouge my signature into your reading device with a sharp metal object.

Whether or not you can attend, the book is available everywhere tomorrow.


Booklist Starred Review for Fellow Mortals

More good news. BOOKLIST gave FELLOW MORTALS a Starred Review in their latest issue:

Carefully yet implacably drawing upon the theme that we are all connected, Mahoney’s quietly powerful debut snapshots the lives of suburban neighbors who become bound to one another through an almost unbearably banal yet utterly real tragedy…. With the barest glimmer of hope to buoy the calamities of his deeply earnest, lyrical story, Mahoney can share shelf space with Dave Eggers and Stewart O’Nan.

Fellow Mortals: A Barnes & Noble Spring 2013 Selection!

Thrilled to post that Barnes & Noble has chosen FELLOW MORTALS for its Spring 2013 Discover Great New Writers Program.

barnesnoblebannerYou can read the official announcement here. From February to May, they’ll promote the book on their website and Twitter, via the Nook, and with face-out displays in all of their physical stores.

B&N will be running an interview with me in the coming months, and I’m going to write a short essay for them, too. I’ll post links when those are up.

Fellow Mortals Cover Design

I’m thrilled with the Fellow Mortals cover. It was designed by Charlotte Strick at FSG. The painting is by Jennifer Mehigan, whom I blogged about several months ago. I found Jennifer’s work online accidentally and showed it to my editor. She and the designer loved it, too, so they secured the rights and here we are.


Fellow Mortals is now available for preorder, even though it isn’t coming out until March 2013.

Buy Online from an Indie Bookstore

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Also available at:

Barnes and Noble


Fellow Mortals After All

My forthcoming novel was originally called Fellow Mortals, a title I chose because “fellow” is a good-sounding word that expressed the community vibe of the story, and “mortals” because the book is preoccupied with death and loss and moving on with our lives in spite of the specter of mortality, and also because an earlier version made explicit use of Greek mythology and “mortals” has a classical Greeky quality. (The singular “mortal” might have indicated that my book was a drugstore thriller, which sadly it is not.) Fellow Mortals was easy to pronounce and short enough to remember and fit the book, so win-win-win.

But then I had second thoughts because I cut most of the mythology (it started feeling to me like very pretentious first-novelist stuff), and my aunt and mother could never remember the title when friends and relatives asked, and, as the FSG publicity director noted, it sounded rather like something Cicero might have pronounced before the Senate.

I liked Pine because a lot of the book is set in the woods and there was the double-meaning of grief/yearning. But marketing worried it was too quiet and vague, and after weeks of batting around, oh, hundreds of unsuccessful word combinations that ranged from overpoetic to not-quite-right t “Dennis Needs to Step Away and Clear His Head”, my editor and her boss put their brains together and thought, you know, Fellow Mortals works great for this thing, and I found myself in total agreement.

So, to quote Cicero in a way that may or may not be relevant, “Saepe autem ne utile quidem est scire quid futurum sit; miserum est enim nihil proficientem angi nec habere ne spei quidem extremum et tamen commune solacium*,” and I’m calling the book Fellow Mortals and figure it’ll work out fine when hypothetical readers want to recommend it to their hypothetical friends.

Oh hey, I have an author site, too: AuthorDennisMahoney.com. Which is basically an old-timey splash page circa 1997 and seemed the best way to direct random visitors here to the blog, the book, or my contact info. Please LIKE it with the Facebook button when you have a chance.

My About page has a link to a giant high-res copy of my author photo, taken by John Oberlander of Oberlander Group, who’s a great guy and a talented photographer. We went for the serious-but-approachable, smiling-with-the-eyes expression, and I encourage you to download and deface my image in Photoshop. If anyone wishes to email their defacements, perhaps I’ll post a few for public enjoyment.

dmahoney at gmail dot com

* Cicero, On the Nature of the Gods 3.6.14: “Moreover, often it’s not even advantageous to know what’s going to happen; for it’s wretched for a man to be tortured [by foreknowledge] when he’s powerless to do anything about it, and to lack even the last consolation of hope, which is available to all.”