A Newsletter of the Strange

Here is a newsletter of the strange, THE EQUINOX SOCIETY REPORT, because the web is infinite and email is not.

look beyondThe fear of infinity is apeirophobia.

But an email newsletter is not enough. You cannot smell email. You cannot crumple it into your pocket. An email cannot provide the frisson, the shuddersome intimacy, of a handwritten envelope from a stranger who licked that very envelope to seal it with his or her self.

And so, dear strangers: early subscribers to THE EQUINOX SOCIETY REPORT may request a welcome envelope, in the corporeal mail, containing a button, a sticker, and a handwritten note. Limited quantities, of course, because infinity is fearsome.


BELL WEATHER in The Boston Globe

bwMy novel BELL WEATHER is The Boston Globe’s Pick of the Week.

ARTICLE HERE (scroll to the end)

“Set in a fantastical 18th-century world where rain falls up and storms wash the land with bright hues, this is the story of Molly, a spirited young woman fighting for the freedom to choose her own path. Readers learn about her childhood with an overbearing governess, a cold father, and a brilliant, cunning brother who will stop at nothing to ensure that he and Molly are together and unbridled.”