zyzzyvaThe literary journal Zyzzyva reviewed FELLOW MORTALS this week. A zyzzyva is a South American weevil.

Fellow Mortals is a thoughtful examination on how tragedy can change different people in different ways. But it also reveals how we often avoid confronting the fear and pain that manifests in our thoughts. When Sam Bailey finds himself lost in the forest, he is “thinking to himself, it’s all right, it’s all right, because he doesn’t want to say it out loud.” In Fellow Mortals, we can commiserate with that feeling.”

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Our great local bookstore, Market Block Books in Troy, NY, is hosting the FELLOW MORTALS release party this Thursday (Feb 7) at 7pm. I’ll be there signing copies. There will be coffee. man-drinking-coffee copyIf you live around Troy, I hope you can make it. If you don’t live around Troy, this is one more reason to lament living elsewhere.

Note: You can, in fact, purchase e-books at local indie stores. If you do so, I will be happy to gouge my signature into your reading device with a sharp metal object.

Whether or not you can attend, the book is available everywhere tomorrow.


Fellow Mortals Cover Design

I’m thrilled with the Fellow Mortals cover. It was designed by Charlotte Strick at FSG. The painting is by Jennifer Mehigan, whom I blogged about several months ago. I found Jennifer’s work online accidentally and showed it to my editor. She and the designer loved it, too, so they secured the rights and here we are.


Fellow Mortals is now available for preorder, even though it isn’t coming out until March 2013.

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