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Ice Volcano Forms in Upstate NY

A five-story “ice volcano” has formed from a geyser in Letchworth State Park, NY.


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I Miss the Red Squirrel

I miss the red squirrel, Fireball, who used to wreak havoc in our yard and chase the big gray squirrels away from the seed pile. Check out his marvelous leap-attack at the end of this video:


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Urach Falls

Click the image to see an amazing time-lapse video of the moonlit, frozen falls of Bad Urach, Germany.


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Here’s a Deer Frolicking in Water with a Dog

The accompanying music isn’t the best, so maybe try muting it and playing something better. I went with “California Uber Alles”, which is conveniently included below in its own Youtube video.

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Pumpkin Sun

Happy Halloween from NASA.


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