Devil’s Stump


Between the Trees

Between-the-Trees-6-2013 Between-the-Trees-7

Between-the-Trees-4-2013Source: Ellie Davies

Behold the Japanese Fox Village

“Located near the city Shiroishi in the mountains of Miyagi, Japan, the Zao Fox Village (Zao Kitsune Mura) is a paradise for fox lovers. Open since 1990, the village is a sanctuary for over a hundred animals, including six different breeds of foxes who roam freely.” Source: My Modern Met


The Family Stinkbug

This is the family stinkbug, Bob. “How large is this magnificent arctic stinkbug crawling toward the backyard hammock?” you ask. Oh ho, quite small, of course, and photographed here on the kitchen window.

Bob has been wintering with us all season. He was commonly seen in the upstairs bathroom but has, of late, been venturing downstairs. We cannot let him out because of the cold, and because we would miss him, and he us.

Weasel Riding a Woodpecker

Via Buzzfeed

Owls Can Swim

Octopus Ambushes Crab on Land

Ice Volcano Forms in Upstate NY

A five-story “ice volcano” has formed from a geyser in Letchworth State Park, NY.


I Miss the Red Squirrel

I miss the red squirrel, Fireball, who used to wreak havoc in our yard and chase the big gray squirrels away from the seed pile. Check out his marvelous leap-attack at the end of this video:


Urach Falls

Click the image to see an amazing time-lapse video of the moonlit, frozen falls of Bad Urach, Germany.



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