IMG_0537Hi, all. Remember that radio show I recently prerecorded? Well here it comes.

I’m hosting an hour of songs related to FELLOW MORTALS tonight (2/4) at 11pm EST, with a replay this Saturday (2/9) at 8am EST. I’ll talk between songs and sound professionally stilted. The show will be streamed live here:


FSG’s Book Keeping has posted a descriptive playlist I wrote to accompany the show. You can read that here:

FELLOW MORTALS Playlist, with Notes


Our great local bookstore, Market Block Books in Troy, NY, is hosting the FELLOW MORTALS release party this Thursday (Feb 7) at 7pm. I’ll be there signing copies. There will be coffee. man-drinking-coffee copyIf you live around Troy, I hope you can make it. If you don’t live around Troy, this is one more reason to lament living elsewhere.

Note: You can, in fact, purchase e-books at local indie stores. If you do so, I will be happy to gouge my signature into your reading device with a sharp metal object.

Whether or not you can attend, the book is available everywhere tomorrow.


Fellow Mortals Cover Design

I’m thrilled with the Fellow Mortals cover. It was designed by¬†Charlotte Strick at FSG. The painting is by¬†Jennifer Mehigan, whom I blogged about several months ago. I found Jennifer’s work online accidentally and showed it to my editor. She and the designer loved it, too, so they secured the rights and here we are.


Fellow Mortals is now available for preorder, even though it isn’t coming out until March 2013.

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Also available at:

Barnes and Noble


Back from the Dead

I’ve been doing Fancy Writer Stuff and haven’t updated here in a while, but now I’m back and ready to blog the living hell out of this blog.

The aforementioned writer stuff was the line-edits for Fellow Mortals. This is where my editor does a fine-tooth read and makes final suggestions, mostly minor but often important, before the manuscript goes to production and they begin to galleys. The edits took me less than four days, so it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as the major edits of several months ago. I love this kind of revision, which is mostly a chance to strengthen what already works. I’m ready to let the book go at this point, even though I’m sure to regret certain lines and find terrible shortcomings once it’s totally out of my hands.

We’re close to having a final jacket design, too. It’s been fun looking at the drafts.

Thanks to input from a friend, we now believe that Bones is not a Jack Russell/Boxer mix as we were originally told, but a Labrador/German Shepherd mix. Which means we’re likely to have a bigger dog than anticipated. He’s packing on a pound a week and continues to be 100% awesome. Be sure to follow the Daily Bones on Pinterest.

The pumpkin seedlings took to the patch like champs but had a slow, chilly week of minimal growth. I expect them to make better gains now that the weather is back to a sunny 75-85. If all goes well, I’ll be pollinating pumpkins by early- to mid-July.

I’ve written 5 chapters of my next book. Having a blast writing this one. I’m taking two weeks off to tackle odd jobs and hang with our son, and then I’ll be back to daily writing for the summer. Ideally I’ll have most of the first draft finished by the time Fellow Mortals is released next March. That way Mortals‘ reception, for better or worse, shouldn’t dramatically affect my work. Every published writer seems to suggest this: have the next one very far along or you risk freezing up in the face of public praise/dislike/indifference.

Melissa Mykal kindly zombified my author photo: