Drugstore Inspiration

Review_LogoA local reporter thought I contradicted myself on the subject of inspiration.

“Where did you get the idea of the neighborhood fire?” he asked, referring to FELLOW MORTALS’ central crisis.

“It just popped into my head one morning at the drugstore,” I said, “along with the general structure of the whole novel.”

Ten minutes earlier, I’d said that fiction writing—for me, at least—is a craft like any other, requiring discipline and practical skills. Writers are more like carpenters, with specialized tools and patient labor, and less like dreamy lovers frolicking with Pan in the moonlight.

“So which is it?” he asked. “The muse or the toolbox?”

There are so many lousy ways to answer that very good question…

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Fellow Mortals: A Barnes & Noble Spring 2013 Selection!

Thrilled to post that Barnes & Noble has chosen FELLOW MORTALS for its Spring 2013 Discover Great New Writers Program.

barnesnoblebannerYou can read the official announcement here. From February to May, they’ll promote the book on their website and Twitter, via the Nook, and with face-out displays in all of their physical stores.

B&N will be running an interview with me in the coming months, and I’m going to write a short essay for them, too. I’ll post links when those are up.